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Walnut Biscuits

Walnut Biscuits

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A sophisticated yet classic combination, our Walnut biscuits are accented with a bright pop of cranberry and a hint of sweet fennel. They provide a flavorful canvas for alpine cheeses and can hold their own against a glass of spicy red wine or any variety of beer styles. 

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Cheese Lover's Biscuit Sampler - 6 Pack

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We’ve collected our best cheese-pairing biscuit flavors in a new and nutty sampler. Introducing the Cheese Lovers 6-Pack Sampler, featuring two boxes each of Rye, Pecan, and Walnut Biscuits.

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All New Biscuit Sampler - 6 Pack

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For those of you who can't wait to try all three new flavors, this sampler is for you! The sampler includes two boxes each of Almond Biscuits, Walnut Biscuits and Ginger Biscuits.

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Biscuit Sampler - 9 Pack

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If you love the classic Effie's flavors but can't wait to try our new flavors, this sampler is for you. The nine-pack sampler includes two boxes of original Oatcakes and a single box each of Corn Biscuits, Pecan Biscuits, Rye Biscuits, Cocoa Biscuits, all new Almond Biscuits, Walnut Biscuits and Ginger Biscuits.

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Gift Box Sampler New Flavors

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Give the gift of Effie's newest flavors! Each decorative gift box holds a box of Effie's Oatcakes, Almond Biscuits, Walnut Biscuits, and Ginger Biscuits along with a recipe card of pairing ideas.

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Perfect Pairing Sampler - 3 Pack

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Whether you love pairing with cheese, jams, or tea, our newest 3-Pack Sampler features a collection of biscuits that is delicious with all of your favorite accompaniments! The Perfect Pairing Sampler 3-pack include one box each of Original Oatcakes, Walnut Biscuits and Ginger Biscuits. 

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Build Your Own (Custom 12-Pack Sampler)

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Can’t decide on just one variety? We’ve got you covered with a customized sampler that keeps your pantry stocked with all your favorites.

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Build Your Own 12-Pack (Custom Biscuit Sampler)

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