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What People are Saying

We're always excited to hear from our customers and friends from around the world. Here's a small sample of what people are saying about their favorite Effie's Homemade products!

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Ethan S.

"Where have you been all my life? Your oatcakes are pretty much the best thing ever."

Barbara S.

"A friend shared your oatcakes with me. LIFE. CHANGING! A sweet friend and a treasured treat! Thank you!"

Murray D.

"The best oatcakes I have ever eaten. On a scale of 10 they are a 12!"

Jeff B.

"Just taking a moment out of a very busy day to say thank you for Effie's Oatcakes. It's truly the highlight of my morning. I have one each day with my cappuccino, and it makes me so happy. What a wonderful product."

Julia S.

"I love love love your oatcakes. I just can't get enough! I usually top them with mascarpone cheese and sliced strawberries. Thanks for making such an awesome product!"

Dee R.

"The best oatcakes ever. Delicious with a bit of blue cheese and local honey."

Cocoa Biscuits

Sharon D.

"Dear Joan and Irene, I have been buying your delicious Oat Cakes for a few years, but recently discovered your AMAZING cocoa cakes.  I am addicted to them and decided to visit your website and thank you for creating such terrific products. I am sending you both a very big hug of gratitude!"


"Heaven on Earth."

Nancy W.

"A wonderful product! Loved the cookies the first time I tried them at a demo in Tualatin’s Fred Meyer store. Keep up the great work!"

Hemangini R.

"Just happened to buy your malted cocoa cakes with toasted coconut and fell in love :) "

Erin G.

"Hiya - I got your cocoa cakes for Christmas and I have to say they might be about the best tasting 'cookie' I ever had."

Lisanne F.

"My husband visited Boston for work and brought back a bag of cocoa cakes for me. OMG. Delicious! I had to ration them and he became suspicious and tried one and they went quickly after that. So now we both love them and the bag is long gone. *sigh* Thank goodness for mail order."

Pecan Biscuits

Lisa P.

"These wonderful NUTCAKES remind me of simple, down-home pleasures.  The perfect blend of pecan crunchiness, salt, and honey - all easily discernible - make for a tiny peaceful retreat when I eat 'em.  And I loved sharing 'em with MY sweet, amazing, inspirational 81-year-old Mom, Norma Siekkinen.  Thanks, Ladies!"

Dee M.

"I bought these little gems at Whole Foods yesterday and I can’t stop eating them! Absolutely delicious! Thanks for making a truly fabulous product. I can't wait to try your other offerings."

Renee G.

"Nuts about Your Nutcakes! Wonderful hiking snack!"

Regena E.

"Love the Pecan Cookies. Effie is my Mother's name and it was her Mother's name!"

Rye Biscuits

Wanda N.

"The most delish ever! Every single biscuit!"

Veronica S.

"I have only just discovered you, but I'm in love. The rye cakes are amazing and I can taste the natural ingredients. I can't wait to try other varieties and to experiment with various cheeses, spreads, teas, and wines. Thanks, and keep it up!"

Sofia Z.

"Effie's, we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for always providing nutritious, delicious, multiple use crackers. Our family loves Effie's, especially your oat and rye cakes, we can't get enough! Your crackers are always a treat. Thank you!"

Theresa B.

"Just finished a package of Effie's Homemade Walnut Ryecakes.  Best thing I have EVER had.  Loved the thickness of the cake, loved the crunch, and I just loved the flavor.  Best thing EVER!!"

Corn Biscuits

Jon C.

"OMG I bought the corncakes on a whim and just love delicious with blueberry jam."

Caitlin D.

"My entire life (nearly 50 years now), I've been waiting for someone to invent a corn bread/corn muffin cookie and now I can say that it has been worth the wait. I found your corn cakes at my neighborhood grocer's last week and I couldn't even wait until I got home to try them. They are divine. Thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my stomach."

Katherine W.

"Love love love the corncakes :) "

Teresa C.

"I went to a chocolate show in Seattle. The best thing I walked out of there with was your crispy Corncakes. Very good product. I will be ordering more from you."

Ann-Marie D.

"I just tried the corncake and loved the freshness and layers of flavors!"