April is National Donate Life Month

Organ Donation Gives Hope & Life
This April, join Effie’s Homemade in recognizing National Donate Life Month 
Organ donation is a cause that is meaningful to those of us at Effie’s, especially our founders, Joan and Irene, whose friends and loved ones have traveled both the recipient and life-saving donor paths of organ transplant. Their journeys have been heart-wrenching, inspirational, and downright courageous.

Sadly, the topic has hit home once again with a dear friend whose 25-year-old son is in urgent need of a kidney. In 2021, Greer Robert Viau was at a routine physical where his labs indicated some concerns about his kidney function; shockingly, he discovered he was in Stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease. After several illnesses and setbacks, Greer and his family had the opportunity to meet with doctors and members of the Transplant Team program and learn more about Greer’s eminent future. His mother says, "We realize he must be prepared for whatever comes. Witnessing Greer going thru this daunting process is overwhelming, but Greer is the strongest of all."
To learn more about Greer and his story, visit his website

With April being National Donate Life Month, we feel compelled to add our voice to the efforts. We want to encourage people to join the tissue, eye, and organ donor registration, and honor those who have saved lives through these gifts of life.  

To increase awareness among our many followers and friends, we are sharing information through social media, e-mails, and these links that contain information about life-saving opportunities.
In the next few weeks and throughout the year on national days of observance, we will reach out with stories and updates, and we hope you will, in turn, share our posts. Here’s a little incentive: for every share on Facebook and Instagram, we will donate $10 to our committed donation to the National Kidney Foundation, up to $2500.
Please join us in raising awareness about organ donation. Together, we can help save more lives. As Bonnie Raitt reminds us in her 2023 Grammy-winning song, it can happen to anyone “Just Like That.”
To see the unequivocal difference you can make in someone's life by donating, you can view this video. (Surgical procedures involved). 
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