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About Us

The Effie's Story

Behold the Biscuit! - The first bite of an Effie’s biscuit is a moment of pure delight. Lightly sweet with a bright finish of salt, they’re more refined than a cookie, more dynamic than a cracker. Savor on their own or as a perfect companion for tea and coffee.

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It All Began with an Oatcake

Back in Nova Scotia, where our original biscuit was known as an oatcake, Effie MacLellan (yes, that Effie) learned a generations-old, family farmhouse recipe that she carried to her new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

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Effie's in the Community

Our story started with one woman’s desire to share a part of her culture and herself with those around her. After all, baking for others is always a gesture of caring. 

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Our Promise to You

Every day, the small but mighty Effie's Homemade team works hard to get our products to fans across the country. And we’re extremely proud of our family of fine biscuits.

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