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Effie's Homemade

Walnut Biscuits

Walnut Biscuits

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A sophisticated yet classic combination, our Walnut biscuits are accented with a bright pop of cranberry and a hint of sweet fennel. They provide a flavorful canvas for alpine cheeses and can hold their own against a glass of spicy red wine or any variety of beer styles. 

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Customer Reviews

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Maria M.

This biscuits are delicious, healthy and crunchy, with no strange aftertaste. I tried the walnut flavor and liked the balance of sweet and salty flavor.

Lil N.

I really like these small batch biscuits in the walnut flavor. It goes so well with goat cheese and pecans. I tried it as a snack and now it's my go-to.

Ferda U.

I really enjoy these upscale biscuits with my tea and coffee. It tastes great and it is not loaded with sugar like other kinds. I would like to keep these handy.

Maricarmen M.

I felt very fancy when I sampled the Small Batch Biscuits by Effie's Homemade. They are more refined cookies with a savory and sweet flavor. The walnut biscuits were delicious.

Taylor K.

The walnut cranberry and fennel biscuits were phenomenal. The hint of sweetness from the cranberry balances the savory notes of the fennel and walnuts. I thought I would need cheese but we ate the whole box plain!