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Taste of Summer Sampler - 9 Pack
Taste of Summer Sampler - 9 Pack
Taste of Summer Sampler - 9 Pack

Taste of Summer Sampler - 9 Pack

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Our Taste of Summer Sampler nine-pack sampler includes three boxes each of Corn Biscuits, Ginger Biscuits and Cocoa Biscuits. This bright and bold collection is perfect for enjoying alongside summer fruit, on an elevated s'mores boards, crumbled on top of ice cream and so much more. 

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Customer Reviews

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Takako K.
I love this product!

It's perfect for me. It's not too sweet, the hardness is just right for me. It's like hard cookies and so delicious that will replace my junk food I eat in every evening.

Wendy M.
Absolutely loved these biscuits

Certainly recommend these these biscuits biscuits.
Love the flavour options.
We tried the cocoa biscuits. One or two at a push is enough.

Desy S.
The possibilities are endless.

I liked the idea of discovering many unique and delicious pairings with these biscuits. Also, using this product for
Hors d'Oeuvres would be perfect.

Ann C.
These are perfect for when you just want a little something sweet in the evenings.

They're not too sweet and the coconut in the cocoa ones was just a hint...not too overpowering. I would definitely try the other flavors. They are a little expensive for how many you get, but they are a specialty product.

I had a hard time deciding on which flavor to get but I went for the cocoa.

This is a light and very crispy cookie or biscuit. Not too sweet and it has plenty of flavor. I plan on getting the almond flavor next.