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2024 Account Planning Guidelines

New Item Placements
Cost Estimates for Budgeting
File Naming



Target Retailers

Offer and schedule 3 to 4 1-month per year or up to 16 weeks per year. Depending on retailer, 1 or 2 week promo periods are good especially when based on scandowns


  • Standard is $6/case (.50/unit) allowance with $1 off at retail.
  • Steeper deals such as BOGO’s based on scans for max 2 weeks per year (e.g. 2 1-week BOGO).  Mandatory proof of performance; must not run through a distributor who cannot provide documentation e.g. WBC.
  • Digital coupons have not proven effective at Kroger.  If you want to do one, this does need a justification and costs.

New Store Openings – continue 50% free fills for new stores. Our case counts are above average, and the ½ cases offered have experienced no hard push backs from customers. New stores/accounts should focus on sampling and promotions. Full case free fills require approval.


This general plan is intended for independents and retail accounts that do not get their own promo plans. Therefore, any retailer with an account plan must be excluded from the distributors' deals.

  •  Repeat 2023 plan with $3.90/case (10%) 
  • Single Serves discount is $5.25/case (10%)
  • 3 times per year – Feb, May, September.
  • If distributor can support case stack deals, incremental allowance of $2.10/case with a purchase of 6 or more cases of any product/flavor. Proof of performance required.
  • Holiday deals TBD depending on distributor show schedules.



Target Retailers
  • Secondary displays, store ads and demos are all on the table.  Show a budget and expected return.  Must always coincide with a promotion.
  • In-store demo companies must be approved and trained by Effie and carry their own certificate of insurance.
  • The maximum ad spend is $500.
  • Counter displays and endcaps negotiated separately.
  • Store competitions with Effie prizes strongly encouraged but require higher level of coordination. Prizes consist of gift card(s) $50/$100 increments and Effie SWAG basket.
  • In-house trainings and presentations.
  • Review digital marketing opportunities
  • Merchandising audits (TBD)


  • Shows, ads, sales incentives (SPIFs), sales training, special events are all on the table.
  • Must show budget and ROI.

New Item Placements

Category Reviews
  • Confirm category and if it’s a full reset or a data review (eg WFM)
  • Reset date?
  • Meeting/presentation date?
  • Samples and SKU’s?
  • Intro promotions and support
Holiday/Q4 Placements
  • In/Out SKU’s
  • Holiday deals use standard deal or upon approval
  • Likelihood that items will become every day, if less than 50% we will probably decline
  • Distributor must carry items; no new item set ups e.g. Kehe
  • Holiday deals must not conflict with distributor deals e.g. double dipping


Cost Estimates for Budgeting

Free fills 

50% off per case varies by distributor. You’ll need to know your distributor pricing.

Retailer ads
$500 maximum spend

Demos In-store (averages)
Per 4 hour event – assume $150
Shared – assume $100 (preferred)
Coordinate with Beth and Mallory

Sample Kits

$1 per tray undelivered.  1 case can fit 20 trays or $20/case.
Work with distributors on delivery or estimate shipping at $15/case via UPS Ground.
Coordinate flavor mixes with Beth.

Merchandising Items/SWAG
Recipe pads -  (q. 50 pads) $3/pad – tear off sheets featuring one flavor per recipe.  Specify flavors.
Pairing cards -  (q. 2,500) $.089/unit – nice card stock, 2-sided, color 4x5” cards
Pens – (q. 2500) $.31/unit
Totes – (q. 425) $2.45/unit
Napkins – (q. 2500) $.35/unit
Pins – (q. 1260) $.42/unit assorted colors by flavor
Effie Hats - (q. 50) $14.59/unit (use judiciously)
Effie Tumblers – (q. 72) $7.32/unit (use judiciously)

Store Competitions and Distributor SPIFs
Prizes consist of gift card(s) $50/$100 increments and Effie SWAG basket.
Discuss SPIF parameters with Irene before offering. Awards are based on target sales goals.
Merchandising Audits – TBD depending on who can conduct and if we want to hire a 3rd party eg Factor I $15/store. Minimums may apply. Discuss with Irene beforehand.


File Naming

Save your account plan in Word as follows:

Retailer Name_Status_Save Date where:


  Retailer = short name
  Status = Complete, partial, or if changed after submission use Rev1, Rev2, etc
  Date – saved






Email all requests to Your first point of contact is Beth.