Ginger Biscuit Ice Cream Sandwiches

We love the bright and bold flavors of our Ginger Biscuits with a variety of ice creams - from Black Raspberry to Salty Caramel to classic Vanilla. The Ginger Biscuits add a little kick to the ice cream! Don’t be afraid to try any of our Biscuits for fun and interesting Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Ginger Biscuit Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • 1 pkg. Effie’s Ginger Biscuits
  • 3-4 varieties ice cream
  • Wax paper for storage

Before you begin assembling the ice cream sandwiches, line a small sheet pan with parchment paper. Remove the ice cream from the freezer to ensure the ice cream is at a good temperature to scoop. Plan to scoop one flavor at a time to control melting. Don't forget to make room in your freezer to fit a small sheet pan or level plates!

To assemble the ice cream sandwiches:

Lay 3 Ginger Biscuits on the sheet pan, with the bottom of the biscuit facing up. Keep 3 additional biscuits nearby for topping.

Place a scoop of ice cream in the center of each biscuit. Top each with the Ginger Biscuits you set aside and gently squeeze together. Once all three are complete, freeze immediately.

Repeat the process with the remaining flavors.

Allow at least 2 hours to set the ice cream sandwiches before serving.

You can also wrap them in wax paper for longer storage in your freezer.