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Beth Falk

Beth Falk is the founder and owner of Mill City Cheese Mongers in Lowell, Massachusetts. Beth and her team are committed to supporting small-scale producers of artisan and farmstead cheese, natural wines, and specialty foods, with a primary focus on producers from New England. Their mission is to create a community of like-minded people who appreciate the value of sustainable agriculture, good food, and traditional cheesemaking methods. They believe that all of these things are essential to the preservation of local agricultural economies and therefore to improving access to good food for everyone.  

Beth is also the President of the Massachusetts Cheese GuildThe MA Cheese Guild supports the production of artisan and farmstead cheeses made with Massachusetts milk. They are committed to keeping family farms on their land and to promoting the growth of the specialized dairy and cheese industry in Massachusetts through education, partnerships, and community outreach.

Beth Falk

Cheese Pairings
Effie's Almond with Cardamom Biscuits, Walnut with Cranberries & Fennel Biscuits, and Original Oatcakes
This is three delicious pairings developed by Beth for a Virtual Cheese Pairing Class we hosted in April. 

Feature Cheeses: Petite White Diamond from Boston Post Dairy, Shepsog from Grafton Village Cheese, Sherry Gray from Jasper Hill