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Rye Biscuits

Rye Biscuits

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Reminiscent of traditional European country breads, our crisp and buttery Rye Biscuits feature stone-ground rye, toasted walnuts and a dash of caraway. They’re a terrific match for fruit chutneys, onion jam or sharp cheddar.

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Customer Reviews

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Marcia G.
Slightly sweet and so good.

My family loved these biscuits! Will definitely buy again for them. Used them on a meat and cheese tray and they were gone.

Lorena V.
Tasted better than expected.

Tried the rye biscuits and liked them as is. It has a hint of saltines and sweetness. It does have a burnt aftertaste which I like.

Gee B.
One Can enjoy these biscuits alone or even with a sweet or savoury addition.

I got the walnut and caraway biscuits. They were light and tasty. Not overly sweet at all. They are also not high in calories.

Katie S.
I was not disappointed.

If you like rye, you'll like these! They have so much flavor, buttery and accented with the caraway. Simple ingredients and a great brand. You can taste the quality. I wish they were more affordable. I'd love to try them all.

Mary L.
They are thick, crunchy, with a good flavor.

These are nothing like crackers. Ate them by themselves too thick to use with cheese. Bought to eat with a Rueben dip. Good to have with a cup of coffee or tea as a snack.