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Anne Saxelby

Anne Saxelby is the founder and owner of Saxelby Cheesemongers. Opened in 2006 on Essex Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Saxelby launched NYC's first shop completely dedicated to selling artisan cheeses made in America. Prior to opening her store, she apprenticed as a cheesemaker on small farms within the US and France to learn the art and science of cheesemaking. From there, Anne cut her teeth in retail by taking a job behind the counter as cheesemonger, slinging cheese from around the world at the Murray's Cheese flagship store in Greenwich Village.

The rest is history as she's now one of America's most loved people in cheese, and a proud Effie's Homemade partner in the Victory Cheese movement. Victory Cheese was created to sustain America’s artisan cheesemakers by uniting dairy farmers, cheesemakers, and YOU, the cheese loving public during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. 10% of the profits will go to the American Cheese Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting America’s artisan cheesemakers.

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 Cheese Pairing


Victory Cheese Box with Effie's Homemade and Saxelby Cheese

Effie's Ryecakes, Bayley Haven Blue, Catskill Provisions Wildflower Honey

by Anne Saxelby

This is three amazing pairings developed by Anne for our Victory Cheese Box, featuring a curated selection of biscuit, cheese and artisanal accompaniment combinations.  

  • Start with an Effie’s Rye Biscuit - Reminiscent of traditional European country breads, Effie’s crisp and buttery Rye Biscuits feature stone-ground rye, toasted walnuts and a dash of caraway.  
  • Top the Rye biscuit with Bayley Hazen Blue by Jasper Hill CreameryOne of our perennially favorite blue cheeses, Bayley Hazen blue is dense, fudgy, and mushroomy with notes of anise seed, and chocolate. 

  • Finally, coat with Catskill Provisions Wildflower Honey - Seasonal wildflower honey so pure you can taste what the bees taste -- clover, apple, pear blossom in the spring and chestnut, maple, and asters in the fall. A perfect condiment to pair with blue cheese!

Featured American Cheese: Bayley Hazen Blue by Jasper Hill

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